Wojciech Kielar

Wojciech Kielar is a cinematographer and self anointed magic man behind the camera. Wojciech was born in Poland, if you couldn’t tell from the confusing spelling of his first name, which FYI has a variety of nick names….pronunciation guide: Voy-tek, Voy-check, Voy-toosh. However it may strike you.


Wojtek has resided in many places including Poland, Chicago, Los Angeles and various stretches of wilderness from time to time (he’s an avid back-packer). He was born in Poland, calls Chicago home, and lives in LA. Unsure of why he was originally drawn to film, he found himself studying directing at Columbia College in Chicago, but found cinematography more appealing, and ultimately much cooler. He is now the guy who, sits behind a camera and directs the crew on lighting and camera movement. His work has ranged from all forms including music video, narrative, documentary, and commercial. He enjoys drinking black coffee accompanied by a sweet pastry and believes that together they achieve perfection at or around 2pm.