Mike Palzkill

Mike Palzkill, raised in the quiet town of Mineral Point, WI, discovered his passion for filmmaking while attending Denison University in Ohio. His love for the big screen catalyzed into a thriving career as a cinematographer. He currently resides in Madison, WI and, other than enjoying a great film, enjoys biking, hiking, soccer and really anything involving the outdoors.


Mike’s unique perspective on life has lent him the uncanny ability to uncover subtleties on camera, often overlooked by the naked eye. Capturing the nuances in human emotion, Mike loves to tell compelling stories on camera.


Mike’s work has taken him across the globe, working for large and small clients alike. He’s had the pleasure of doing business with Trek, Shimano, Fiskars, REI, Lands’ End Inc. amongst many other local and domestic clients. He has also ventured into narrative filmmaking, with an incredibly talented group of folks from Chicago. His first feature film, Not Welcome, recently premiered in Chicago.


Mike is a man of few words; that said, he speaks volumes with each and every one of his images.