One Take Wonderful

There was nothing sleight about this on-camera casualty—getting this stunt right in one take was the idea. And thanks to excruciatingly careful planning, that’s exactly how it happened.

When it comes to stunts, you simply can’t skimp on talent. These are generally pretty dangerous acts, and the last thing you want is for someone to get hurt beyond what’s planned. (Because FYI, you actually can’t go through a plate glass window without shedding some blood. But what you don’t want is broken bones!) You need to be sure your insurance is complete—another area where skimping is a bad idea. And last, you need a production partner with the experience and pessimism to consider all the ways things can go wrong, and take steps to make sure they don’t!

That’s the kind of partnership enjoyed working with Affirm Agency and Element One to take this big action sequence (directed by M34’s own Daniel Kinney) from crazy to accomplished.