Interviews: Get the Right Brand Fit

The Art of the Interview

So you want a talking head video? You’re not alone. They’re an increasingly popular way to explain concepts, provide testimonials and even introduce professionals to potential customers. So what’s the secret sauce to doing them right? Similar to most videos, it’s great storytelling and well-executed video production. Sounds easy. But then why are there so many hundreds of thousands of terribly boring and sometimes just plain awkward videos on the internet?

If you want to do it right, start by erasing the images of the bad videos, and think about what you think works. What makes you want to watch. How long can you stay engaged with a topic?  Does adding b-roll of what the person is talking about help give more meaning and emphasis to what they’re saying?  Do you find poor lighting or bad, tinny sound distracting? Do some people naturally tell more interesting and engaging stories than others? If you said yes to any or all of these points, then you already are on your way to making strategic decisions that will get you closer to an interview piece that will perform for your brand.  Now, you need to find a video partner that shares that same perspective.

An example of this type of partnership is the recent video for Milwaukee-based business development and communications firm, Traction Factory, which was produced by M34. Traction Factory wanted to tell the story of their new, kick-ass creative space, and we were happy to collaborate. Through the art of strategic-yet-natural interviewing as well as a sharp cinematic eye, our crew helped bring their story—and their vision—to life.