15 SXSW “Snacts” to Smarten Up Your Content Strategy

From neuroscience to native content, VR to AI, chatbots to The Moth—one theme was consistent at SXSW: If you don’t have a good story to tell, nothing else matters. Here are 15 things to keep in mind to help your story stay fresh, focused and deeply snackable.

15. The video revolution is alive and well: consumption has grown 61% YOY, with
$4.5 billion spent on branded video production in 2016 alone.

14. Create with an end game in mind: know who your audience is and what you
have to offer them. Because, kittens!

13. If you’re trying to sell within native content, you’re just a crummy commercial.

12. Set your KPIs before you fall in love with content, or you risk talking to yourself.

11. Even altruistic targets respond better when they know what’s in it for them.

10. Humans are hard wired to understand the world through stories—listening to a good story lights up both sides of the brain in ways neuroscientists didn’t expect.

9. Millennials (not to mention the generation behind them) would much rather watch video than read text about a brand or company. 80% consider video content when researching a purchase.

8. Skippable ads are the format of the future. You have to be creative to survive the skip button.

7. No medium can save a story that’s not well constructed.

6. Short form video today means about 6 seconds of compelling and single- minded messaging.

5. Your content creation litmus test: Do they care? Would they share? If not, it may not be worth the effort.

4. Life moves too fast for a content review quagmire. Think: Publish or perish.

3. Your new window for a social feed hook-shot is 1-2 seconds—so make it good and pay it off!

2. Fine-tuning video content for social platforms means turning the dials on: talent, length, audio, graphics, and copy.

1. Length of engagement is the new currency….and you earn it through well-crafted stories delivered to the right people.

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