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Mirror 34 | Video Producers Who Get It Done


Taken care of. You, your project, your reputation. Whatever you need. Wherever we must go. However we can help your project beam from the screen. We’ll move heaven and earth. Hell, we’ll move heaven to earth. If that’s what needs to be done, then, done.

Meet our producers

Executive Producer

Ears. The most important tool in a producer’s toolbox, Jim will say. Listen closely and you’ll see things from the client’s mind’s eye. Then pour over every detail to ensure that the project not only exceeds everyone’s desires, but also culminates into a fun, highly enjoyable experience. One that’ll come complete with its own laugh track as any who has worked with Jim can attest. Now, who doesn’t enjoy the sound of that?

Executive Producer

All the world’s a stage. Well, no offense to William Shakespeare, but for Jonas perhaps that should be amended to all the world’s a set. Having led productions all over the globe with contacts throughout every hemisphere, he’s astutely seasoned at assembling the right people, places and parts to raise the outcome and value of any project—whether in London, Ohio or London, England. Which makes a world of difference when you’re looking to go from average to exceptional.

Executive Producer

Preparation and the right people on the job helps to prevent fires on the project. Words of wisdom from this executive producer who also happens to be a volunteer firefighter. Matt’s love for this business is grounded in the different challenges and experiences it offers. Continually amassing a wealth of knowledge that he brings to his collaborative approach. Which results in a smooth, cool process that won’t leave anyone, well, ahem, burned.


Keep the ship sailing smooth and on course. You could say that’s a driving force behind Chase’s philosophy to production. While laying out the strategies to ensure that a project is executed with precision, he maintains a sharp eye on any conflicts or challenges that can arise—and solves them quickly with a smile. A smile that’s quite infectious. Since you’ll find one on everyone who works with him, from bow to stern.


While not receiving a golden statue for his role as an extra on Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies”, the experience did confirm what Drew loves most: Being on set. All the moving parts, responsibilities and attention to details he embraces to ensure the best experience possible for client, cast and crew. The big show behind the camera. That’s the one for him. The one that’s alive with anticipation. Unlike that statue.

Meet our Master Story Strategist

Master Story Strategist

Getting to the heart of a story starts with asking the right questions. And never being afraid to push past the easy answers. That “no pain, no gain” strategic approach has served Jacqi well for over 20 years, whether she’s interviewing clients or interrogating her teenage kids. But don’t worry, she promises not to make you eat your vegetables.

Meet our production coordinator

Production Manager

When career blends with lifestyle, you’ve hit a certain sweet spot. It’s safe to say that Britta’s aim is sharp. She approaches production with a zest for the process that shows she’s in it to live it. Embracing the people, details, organization, creativity and opportunity to learn something new on each project. It’s more than an approach, it’s who she is. And at the end, that means the production of a sweet spot for you.