Let’s open with that. Because post begins when a relationship starts between you and your editor. Creative forces raising the adolescence of the idea into a prodigious master of storytelling. And to think, all because two people said hi.

Creative Editing



Daniel Kinney


Out of a vast collection of parts comes an assembled work of wonder. Are we talking LEGOS here? Well, step into Daniel’s editing suite and you’ll see that the Swedish company holds nothing on him. His skillful command of the craft delivers the absolute best marriage of concept and footage. Which stems from a dedication to planning, rethinking, reworking, collaboration and the pièce de résistance: Instinct.

Jeff Maiers


One must first achieve balance to deliver the ideal edit, Grasshopper. From concept to footage to budget, Jeff is a master at maintaining the equilibrium necessary to meet the editing goals demanded by each of those roles. Whether it’s a project that’s straightforward or challenging, for Jeff every one is an opportunity for you to grab something special from the palm of his hand.


Paul Musselman


It’s alive! Giving life to something that was previously just a pixel of a thought is exhilarating. And to Paul, animation offers an unfettered license to create life in any manner, shape, form or existence. Bold. Colorful. Soft. Outrageous. One, two and three dimensions. The sky is pink because there’s no limit. All you gotta do is hit the switch. So let him hook up the electrodes to your idea and see what transpires.